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I'm still HERE!

Oh wow.

So I’ve been absent a bit, haven’t I.  GIGANTIC understatement, I know.

Sorry about that.

It was one of those situations where I would realize it had been a couple of days since I had last posted and I would think, I’ll do it tomorrow... then a couple of days turned into a couple of months and now, almost two years later, it’s tomorrow!  Better late than never, right?

What a busy two years it has been!  Wanna know how?  

Photography: Peer Johnson, Cambria, CA

Well, first, I got married!  Woohoo!  You remember that wonderfully amazing boyfriend who was so incredibly terrific when I got sick?  Well, he is now my exceptionally awesome husband, of over a year now!  We were engaged on Christmas Eve 2010 and married four months later.  We planned one hell of a party, if I don’t say so myself.  I’ll share some more info on the details another time if you’re interested.

Speaking of sick, I’m good.  Real good!  I’m still having MRIs regularly, but there have been no new lesions and the ones I do have are either getting smaller or were so small to begin with, they’re of no concern at this time.  MS is still on the table, unfortunately, but only because there is no way to ever really take it off (Boo!).  

Then on to the not so sweet stuff... I lost my job late last year.  Long story that's really no longer worth telling, but it did give me time to get back into the kitchen and start cooking and caking and cookie-ing again.  It’s still just for fun at this point, but definitely more on that in a later post.

I’ve also started sewing again and have opened an Etsy shop.  It’s empty right now, but I’ve got a shelf full of completed items ready to sell, just need some photog time this weekend.

Most recently, we’ve commited to packing up moving down to south Orange County next month.  After four great years in our first apartment, our first home together (tear), we’re changing the scenery to follow a new job (him) and some newfound ambition (me).  We’re ready to start a whole new chapter of fun.  Wanna come along?

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