Send help! We're buried under boxes!
Friday, August 10, 2012 at 2:34PM

Three weeks in and we're still unpacking, uugh!  In all fairness to ourselves, we did live in our last apartment for four years.  That was long time over which to accumulate stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Add to that the fact that we've moved into a smaller place, and we've got a recipe for insanity!  But we're getting there.  Slowly.  I have now located about half of my caking tools and supplies.  The other half is in the garage.  Somewhere.  I hope.  I know I keep saying I've got new things to show you and to share with you, and I do... you'll just have to wait a tiny tad bit longer.  Please??  How about I bribe you with a not so good picture, just to hold you over?  Well, here it is anyway...









Here's [iPhone photo of] a dessert table I helped out with just before the move for a "Meet the Baby" shower for the cutest little man, Emilio, and his awesome moms!  I loved the aqua/teal and orange theme, so bright and cheery!


Be back soon, promise!!!

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