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iPad Computing Made Easy

I'm keeping my promise, and posting today about my awesome iPad keyboard!!! Yea!!! Unfortunately, though, when I went to use the Olympus for some action shots, I found the batteries dead... so this post will not be as photo intensive as I had originally planned. However, since I love this keyboard so much, count on it making appearances in future posts.

In my humble opinion, this IS the greatest iPad keyboard ever!
The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover...

Hubby bought it for me about a month ago and I've used it almost everyday since, and it's still on it's first charge! I love that it attaches magnetically just as the iPad Smart Cover does, without adding a noticeable weight. It makes quick work of notes during a lecture, emails during your morning coffee, and blog posts when the mood strikes! Now, it doesn't have the standard shortcuts for copy/paste functions we are all used to, BUT there are function keys that do the same thing. You can search your iPad for a particular app, contact, song, etc with a simple keystroke, as well as turn the iPad on or off. I have no problem using the keyboard that is built into iOS on the iPad, but there is something that is so tactically and audibly pleasing about this clicky Logitech keyboard. It makes me want to type and type and type some more! Lucky you!

It come in black or white to coordinate with your iPad, and there's even one in red!

And Logitech just released a version for the mini!

Now, everybody can type!!!

Happy Computing!!!


** This 'endorsement' is based solely on my own experience with the product and I have not be compensated for my opinions.

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