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Friday, May 31, 2013 at 8:19AM

Well, the last two months flew by in a blink, now didn't they.  I've been hard at work in school again, I've gone back to work again, and I've picked up caking a bit again, in addition to sewing, cooking, tutoring, and otherwise just doing stuff.  BUT the semester has ended, for three weeks anyway, and I'm taking the opportunity to get caught up on my WIP lists (yes, plural) as well as add in a few other projects that I just cannot say no to.  

I've got a few new cookie and cake projects to share with you, but that'll be in another post next week.  (I STILL haven't edited all the photos.)  I'm now two months into my first Quilting Bee and it's been a blast thus far!  The following images we're taken with my iPhone, sorry.  In April, we worked on flowers for a Flower Ball Wall Hanging, and in May, we got to make sewing machines!  We each had a different size to work on, but they are all made of black fabrics.  I worked with 1/2" Hexies, and boy are they addicting!  It all came together so quickly, which I'm very glad for because I wasn't able to get started on it until just this past Friday.  But it shipped out yesterday and is headed all the way to the UK!  Our May Queen also sent us teenie-tiny 1/4" Hexies to play with... oh my am I in love... but that'll have to be a project for another time. 

Get Your Hex On - AprilGet Your Hex On - May

Our June Queen Bee has sent out her packets and we are all patiently awaiting their arrivals as well as the instructions we'll get tomorrow.  Can't wait!

Tomorrow also marks the arrival of the June Lucky Stars Block pattern.  I am WAY behind right now, but plan on catching up next week.  I hadn't mentioned this BOM club yet because the finished product is going to be a gift for someone, but since I'm linking to my flickr account with the above images, you're bound to see my blocks thus far anyway.  I suppose I could make them private for the group members only, but that would require having my flickr password.  Long story, but all I will say about flickr customer service is that you should not ever NOT EVER lose your account password.  You will never get it back.  You will be forced to cross your fingers everyday that the cookies on your iPhone are never erased because otherwise you will be locked out permanently.  You will hate flickr.  You will wish everyday that there was a better way to join in on sewing fun, but resign yourself to whispered curse words every time you need to posted a finished project.  You will hate flickr.  End of rant, back to Stars.  This has been a great paper pieced BOM by Don't Call Me Betsy!  My very first quilt, which I haven't blogged about yet, was a paper pieced Circle of Geese Quilt.  I absolutely love paper piecing!  So this BOM is right up my alley.

Alright, I think I've taken up enough of your time today.  Have a great weekend!

Until the next post..

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