My dear friend Kristy's beautiful little girl, Rylee, turned 1 this past month... her cake was designed with her "Hugs & Stitches" birthday theme in mind... 

This is a 6" Round /8" Petal/10" Round cake.  The Top & Bottom Tier (three-layer) are Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream, while the Center Tier (two-layer) and Smash cake (one-layer, petal) are Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream.  

Without reinventing the wheel, I purchased Rylee's party plates, cut them apart and used the pieces as templates.  All the Fondant/Gum Paste accents were then hand cut, molded and/or painted with gel food color/vodka.  I used a canvas fabric to imprint the cut-outs with texture to mimic the "Stitches" part of the decor.  I used my Gum Paste Extruder for the lettering, dusting the dried pieces with Pearl Dust for a bit of shimmer. Royal Icing was used for all of the stitch marks and "flight paths".

The rolled ball border has apparently become my default-go-to border when inspiration eludes me.  It worked in this case, though.  In making the border slightly darker than the tier itself, it paid homage to the darker  polka dots on the plates and napkins.  I'd tell you that I planned that way in advance, but I didn't... it came to me in the 11th hour, but don't all good things do so?  Just say yes, it'll make me feel better.  

Here are a few more detail shots for you to enjoy:  



I am looking forward to many more birthday cakes for this very special little girl!  

Happy 1st Birthday, Rylee!


Drive the Speed Limit, Not your Age!! Oh, wait...

Happy 55th Birthday, Dad!

Hugs & Kisses!

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream & Fresh Strawberries, covered in vanilla fondant with black fondant accents.  The sign post was molded from rice krispy treats, then covered in fondant and painted with silver pearl dust & vodka.  The cake board was "painted" with tinted royal icing and decorated with fondant flowers.  Good thing my dad is in touch with his feminine side, the flowers do make this one a little more "girly" than I had thought they would.  Such a silly & fun cake to make!!!  Tasted great, too!!!



 This little project speaks for itself.

 For a very girly little girl on her 3rd birthday, a simply sweet 6" round cake specifically for her.  I used scrap booking paper for the cake board again, and then used this particular paper for the color palate of the cake.

Life imitating art in a very small way.  

The "3" was hand rolled from fondant and left to dry over night, then painted with pink pearl dust once on the cake.  The lettering on the cake board was piped with Royal Icing and dried, then painted with same pink pearl dust.  The flowers and ruffles are all fondant with sugar pearl centers and accents.  The cake was Strawberries and Cream with Vanilla Buttercream.


Happy Caking!


The Frog

I found this picture a couple of months ago when I was cleaning off my old laptop... this guy lives in my dad's backyard pond, or at least he did when this picture was taken.  I'm not sure he actually qualifies as a pet.  He doesn't come when you call him, he doesn't know any cool tricks, and he's loud.  Really loud.  Although, he does pretty much takes care of himself, which is kind of cool when you think about it.

Anyhoo, he's not the reason I'm posting today...

... he is.

Or rather my uncle is.  It was his birthday, and this was his cake and "The Frog" is his nickname... although I'm not exactly sure why... 

It was a light and airy Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Buttercream covered in Satin Ice Vanilla Fondant with fondant accents and green sugar pearls.  This 6"-Round cake was served with 5 dozen cupcakes in Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Strawberries & Cream, and White Chocolate Raspberry.  

The cupcake wrappers were cut from scrap booking paper using a homemade template.  Wilton Cupcake Towers were used to display the cupcakes and I found a candle holder to serve as a cake pedestal.  It worked out smashingly, only I don't have a picture of the final display... forgot to bring along the camera.

I did have the awesome idea of using cake balls to make little frogs for each cupcake, only I didn't practice them first.  Me and my leaping, that lesson is obviously still un-learned.  Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out that each piece wasn't going to dip completely in one try, so I had to figure out a two step process; and my chocolate was too warm to pipe legs, so they each got four "dots" instead.  They did tasted great (Green Velvet Cake with Vanilla Buttercream), but they looked more like green blobs in the end than frogs.  Super cute green blobs!  The eyes were made ahead from Royal Icing and black sugar pearls and the Green Velvet Cake was gorgeous after I crumbed it, the color was so intense!

Happy Birthday Uncle Jack!
Much Love, Amanda-Banana

P.S. For those of you looking for the stenciling tutorial I promised, it is still coming!  I did do it about a month ago, only something was different and it didn't come out at all.  I'm pretty sure my cake was too cold this time, the Royal Icing just "melted" off the sides.  With that said, I am going to re-do the tutorial and get it up for you all before the end of this month and include the photos of what didn't work.  

Until then, Happy Caking! 



There was a time in my life when just the thought of being in the same room as raw fish would cause me to complain, loudly, how much I despised it.  I would like to be able to say that that time was short lived, but the truth is, I only started eating Sushi within the last couple of years and I still play it safe, sticking with only raw tuna... although I did have eel a while back... cooked, of course.  

Now, however, if someone had brought me Sushi like this during my childhood, I might have been singing another tune altogether.  Cake.  It makes everything better, even raw fish!  

I recently had the opportunity to make another Sushi cake for the co-worker of my oldest friend (we've known each other since Kindergarten!).  All of my Sushi cakes have been gifted to girls thus far, but this is the first one I made "girly".  It was a White Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream covered in Black Satin Ice Fondant, and then painted with a Piping Gel and Vodka mixture for a lacquered look.  It was decorated with Red & Ivory Fondant flower cut-outs to mimic the dainty ribbon.  Well, actually, it all started with the ribbon.  

I found it a few months ago at a local craft store and then tucked it away for some future fate.  I just love it when things come together like that, don't you?  It goes a long way for the defense of my hoarding tendencies!  Okay, maybe not really.  

Anyway, back to the sugar.  The Sushi pieces are all fondant accents on small pieces of cake, mini cupcakes if you will.  Working on this cake made me realize that if I ever make a business out of this hobby, I will need an airbrush system, and I will need to find someone who knows how to use it.  I would have loved a little more definition on the "fish" pieces and I need to not use straight white fondant for my rice, it's a bit blinding.  But all in all, I think this cake was fantastic, and as much fun, if not more so, to make than the first two versions!  


Thanks for the opportunity, Matt!  

Happy Caking!