It's alive!

The web officially knows that I'm here, and now, so do you!  Pictures are up, blogs and other stuff will follow in the weeks to come!  Let me know if you have any ideas or suggests on how to make this site better.  I'm rather new to the whole web page design process (except for a few weeks of HTML classes in college, which were a long time ago).  Check in every couple of days to see what I've learned!  


One step closer...

My domain name and web page have been linked, now we're just waiting for the internet to realize that I'm here!


Coming Soon... MandyMakesCakes.com!

We are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION... but please check back again soon as I will be building out this website quickly over the next couple of weeks.  The learning curve will be small, I promise you, so the wait won't be long.  

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